Fastlane Campground FAQs

Q: How do we know our reservation was successfully booked?
A: All reservations are required to be paid in full. If the money came out of your account then you have secured a site. You can also login and check online.

Q: Do I need a reservation for Primitive / Dry Camping?
A: No, reservations are recommended but not required. We guarantee space and are open 24/7 starting the first day of Bike Week.

Q: How big is my RV Full Hook up campsite?
A: RV sites are 15’x50’ Exactly. Please make sure when you set up to be cognizant of your width and not to intrude on your neighbors space.

Q: How big is the primitive / Dry Camping sites?
A: No size limit, take up as much room as you reasonably needed in an organized fashion. Keep all your bikes, trailers, and vehicles together on your site. This is first come first serve. We charge per person not per site.

Q: Can I bring my pet Dog?
A: Yes as long as it is not aggressive and barks at everyone. No one wants to hear your dog barking all the time. Please be respectful. All dogs shall remain on a Leash at all times and you must clean up after them.

Q: Can I get some sleep at this Campground or it a 24/7 party?
A: We want you to enjoy your vacation and relax, if you're looking for a 24/7 party, Cackelberrys would probably be your best choice.

Q: Do you rent tents or cabins?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: What time is check-in & check-out for RV?
A: check-in is after lunch. Check-out is by 10:00 am.

Q: Can I stay extend my stay or check in early?
A: We are only able to offer camping during the 10 Nights of Bike Week. RV sites are most always fully booked. If you are scheduled to check out you have to leave the following morning of the last day of your reservation to ensure availability for the next customer. Primitive sites can be extended by going to the campground office.

Q: Can I get a refund for my campsite?
A: There are no refunds for any reason. When you booked your site you agreed to all terms and conditions of the sale. If you are unsure you can make it, then wait to book your reservation.

Q: Can I book my reservation over the phone?
A: No. We are here to help if you run in to issues booking online or can’t navigate the site we are happy to help you. All bookings must be made online or in person.

Q: My card will not process online?
A: Please make sure you enter all 4 digits of the expiration date for the year.

Q: Are generators allowed?
A: yes, we have a designated area located in the east side of the campground for generators. ( the back 40)

Q: Can I fill my water tank up when I arrive?
Y: After checking in there is a hose you are welcome to fill your tank.

Q: Can I stay in my Rv in the primitive camping area?
A: Yes, Dry Camping is allowed in the primitive area. The price is $90.00 for all 10 days or $15 per person per night.

Q: Do you have a dump
Station in the Primitive Campground?
A: No, however, if you need your tank pumped you can ask the company cleaning the toilets that come every day and they will pump your tank for around $40.00. Cash is encouraged. It is your responsibility to set this up with them when you see them onsite.

Q: Are showers included in the price of camping?
A: Yes, there is no extra charge for showers.

Q: What time does the Bar open?
A: Fastlane Bar and Grill opens each evening from 5:00 pm till 11:00 weather permitting. There is a band that plays each evening starting on Saturday.

Q: Is there food at the Campground?
A: Yes, Breakfast, and Dinner. You can also eat at the Swapmeet. Your campground wristband gets you in all week at the swap meet and bike shows.